Since 1999 we have recorded a number of albums, some of which, however, are long sold out items. In 2007 we have launched World Flag Records, the CD-R series, which keeps bringing out the CDs that currently are not available from the  labels that had originally put them out (some of those are now defunct), as well as a number of various musical collaborations, concert documentation and field recordings we have made on many trips to remote places in Europe and Asia.

The complete (so far) Magic Carpathians Project discography:

The Magic Carpathians Project

1999 “ethnocore” CD, FLY Music

1999 “Księga Utopii” CD, Obuh Records / FLY Music

2001 “Dënega” CD, Obuh Records / FLY Music

2001 “ethnocore 2: nýtu” CD, Drunken Fish Records / FLY Music

2002 „ethnocore 3: Vak” CD, FLY Music

2002 „Water Dreams” CD, FLY Music

2003 „Euscorpius Carpathicus” CD & LP, Obuh Records

2005 „Sonic Suicide” CD, Vivo Records

2006 “Mirrors” CD, Vivo Records

2008 “Sambucus & Ginko” CD-R, Reverb Worship

2010 “Acousmatic Psychogeography”, CD, World Flag Records

2011 “Enjoy Trees!”, CD, Greenpeace Poland & World Flag Records

2012 “Tea Event” CD-R, Reverb Worship

2015 “Biotop” CD, LP World Flag Records

2016 “Throbbing Plants”, CD, World Flad Records

2017, “Khèmia”, CD, World Flag Records

Biomusic series:

2000, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński “Bałtyckie szepty” CD, FLY Music / Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

2002, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński, “Projekt C”, FLY Music / ASCOBANS

2003, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński, “Barycz”, FLY Music / Dolnośląska Fundacja Ekorozwoju

Magic Carpathians Project on compilations:

1999 „New Music from Central and Eastern Europe” (a compilation released by The Wire magazine, UK)

1999 V/A „Urban Meadows” (The Broken Face magazine, Sweden)

1999 V/A „Oggum:: Yr Agog” (Oggum Records, UK)

2001 a compilation released by Dream Magazine (USA)

2001 a compilation released by KFJC radio station (USA)

2001 V/A „Don’t Shoot a Piano Player”  (WFMU station, USA)

2002 V/A „Trighplane Terraforms vol.1 – Six Organs of Admittance, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Magic Carpathians (Mental Telemetry, USA).

2003, The Life and Times of Magic Carpathians and Cerberus Shoal (split CD with Cerberus Shoal), North East Indie

2006, Terrastock 6 Compilation, Secret Eye Records