World Flag Records (in english)

The CD-R label launched by Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński in 2007 to document various projects ranging from unusual live recordings through ad-hoc, spontaneous collective initiatives, meetings with fellow musicians and musical field trips.

Apart from the Magic Carpathians Project’s own releasings, it currently contains 3 series: Biomusic (music with strong aquatic element) Other Stage (Magic Carpathians Project-related albums: reissues, jam sessions, live recordings) and Psychogeography (field recordings made during our travels across remote places in Europe and Asia).

It is a non-profit initiative, any financial contributions proceed towards further releasings and support for Biotop Lechnica (Magic Carpathians’ mountain permaculture center)

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LP “Biotop” 15 EU + shipment 7 EUR within EU (vinyl LP contains also a CD with extended material + code for download from Bandcamp)

up to 4 CDs: 8 EUR per item + 7 EUR post (EU), 8 EUR (U.S and elswhere)

between 5 to 8 CDs ordered: 6 EUR per item + 7 EUR post (EU), 8 EUR (U.S. and elswhere)

more than 8 CDs ordered: 5 EUR per item + 8 EUR post (EU), 10 EUR (U.S. and elswhere)


World Flag Records catalogue:

//Magic Carapthians Project’s own releases:

1999 “ethnocore” CD, FLY Music

1999 “Księga Utopii” CD (first release: Obuh Records / FLY Music)

2001 “Dënega” CD (first release: Obuh Records / FLY Music

2002 „ethnocore 3: Vak” CD (first release: FLY Music)

2002 „Water Dreams” CD (first release: FLY Music

2003 „Euscorpius Carpathicus” CD (first release: Obuh Records

2005 „Sonic Suicide” CD (first release: Vivo Records)

2006 “Mirrors” CD (first release: Vivo Records)

2010 “Acousmatic Psychogeography”, CD (first release: World Flag Records

2011 “Enjoy Trees!” CD (first release: Greenpeace Poland & World Flag Records)

2015 “Biotop” CD, LP, download World Flag Records


//Biomusic series (side projects with compositions including marine & other aquatic field recordings)

2000, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński “Bałtyckie szepty” CD (first release: FLY Music / Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego)

2002, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński, “Projekt C” (first release: FLY Music / ASCOBANS)

2003, Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński, “Barycz” (first release: FLY Music / Dolnośląska Fundacja Ekorozwoju)


//Other Stage series (live recordings, documentation, rarities)

WFE 002 „Austin Jam” Projekt Karpaty Magiczne (Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński, Jan Kubek, Tomasz Radziuk), Eric Arn, Vanessa Arn – improvised jam session recorded live in 2001 in Austin, USA.

WFE 003 „San Francisco” Projekt Karpaty Magiczne (Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński, Jan Kubek, Tomasz Radziuk) – concert at the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, USA, 2001. 43′

WFE 005 „Vlastislav Matoušek & Projekt Karpaty Magiczne” (Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński oraz Vlastislav Matoušek: shakuhachi) – concert with Vlastislav Matoušek on shakuhachi recorded live at Manggha Muzeum of Japanese Art & Technology, Kraków, 2005, 60′.

WFE011 „Mt. Shasta Tour” Projekt Karpaty Magiczne (Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński) – recorded live at free form radio stations during 2006 U.S. tour (WFMU, WNUR, KDVS), 42′

WFE013 “Marek Styczyński: Slovakian Fujara” – anthology of Marek Styczyński’s 7 compositions on Slovakian fujara, released on the CDs between 1998 and 2007, 2007, 51′

WFE 014 “Marek Styczyński: Didjeridu nietradycyjnie” – anthology of Marek Styczyński’s 7 compositions on didjeridu, 2007, 47′

WFE 015 “Stockholm Concert” (Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński) – recorded live at Kulturhuset in Stockholm in 2002, 2007, 28′

WFE 016 “Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński: Queen of Snow” – compositions composed for field recordings (ice), voice and analog sine wave generator (designed and built by Mirosław Badura), 23′.

WFE 018 “Warszawa Concert” – recorded live in Warszawa in 2003 with guest appearance of Wojcek Czern of Za Siódmą Górą and Obuh Records’ fame. 55′

WFE 019 “Magic Carpathians Other Things: Music for fun / splits / limited editions 1998 – 2008” – anthology of compositions from 1998 – 2008, previously unpublished or released on compilations compositions, 75′

WFR 023 “Sjöström/Seidel/Nacher/Styczyński” – fully improvised live session from Berlin – the line up is Harri Sjöström (sax), Wolfgang Seidel (drums, vibraphone, percussions), Anna Nacher (voice, guitar), Marek Styczyński (traditional woodwinds & reeds, analog sine wave generators), recorded live at Ballhaus Naunyn in Berlin in 2007, 2009.

WFR 024 “Wabi:Sabi:Shibumi” – Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński, Vlastislav Matoušek (shakuhachi), live recording from Manggha Museum of Japanese Art & Technology in 2007, 2009.

WFR 025 “Magic Carpathians & Pink Barret” – live session recorded at Stanica in Zilina, Slovakia, with Slovakian rock band Pink Barret.

WFR 026 “The Curators” The Curators dada rock from Berlin

WFR 029 Marek Styczyński “Cybertotem Remix Project” a collaborative remix project from the whole collective of contributors coming from different fields and aesthetics, more at

WFR 042 „Reindeer Luck” – Magic Carpathians & Tundra (Dawid Adrjanczyk, Krzytof Joczyn) – live recording of Magic Carpathians’ show accompanied by young explorers of acoustic meditative & ambient music from Gdańsk known as Tundra

WFR 043 „T.A.M.” – Magic Carpathians & Tomasz Hołuj – improvised, lo-fi session with guest appearance of Tomasz Hołuj, formerly known as the co-initiator and musician of the famous Polish world music pioneering collective Ossjan. 56′

//Psychogeography series (field recordings, ethnic music)

WFE 001 “Slovakia Soundscapes” – field recordings from Slovakia, treated, bastardized and remixed by Andrzej Widota and Marek Styczyński, 45′

WFE 006 “Rila Monastery, Bulgaria” – field recordings from Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, non-treated Orthodox monks chanting, 40′

WFE 007 “Corsica” – Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński live, fully acoustic, recorded at small church in St. Antonino, Corsica + presentation of traditional Corsican instruments, 36′

WFE 008 “Mofeta. Dźwięki z wnętrza Ziemi // Moffete. Sounds from below the Earth surface” – field recordings from Carpathian moffettes, a natural „ambient” music from the Earth itself

WFE 010 “Śpiewy szamanek z Buriacji // Chants of Buryat Shamans” – recording of a shaman ritual by female performers from Buryatya in Central Asia, 1994, 21′

WFE 017 “Nepal & India” – field recordings from Annapurna region, 1999

WFR 030 Anna Nacher “Vaggi Varri. Tundra Soundwalk” – field recordings Swedish Lappland, 50′.

WFR 031 „Jokkmokk Winter Soundwalk” – second installement of field recordings from Swedish Sapmi (Lapland) has been taken during famous Jokkmokk Markand (includes traditional Sami joik singing)

WFR 032 „Ahkka – Sitasjaure – Stora Sjofallets: summer soundwalk” – third installment of field recordings from Swedish Sapmi (Lapland).