Sambucus & Ginko

In 2008 Roger of Reverb Worship sent us the invitation to release some new material. A quick look at the website  revealed the already impressive rooster on this emergent, but definitely courageous and creative label, supposedly one-man run enterprise. A nice coincidence was that for a few months we’ve already held the idea to release one of the rare on-stage cooperations with Vlastislav Matousek, a shakuhachi master lecturing on ethnomusicology at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Czech Republic). We occasionally meet with Vlasto and his musical family always getting tons of inspiration from his practice so we took advantage of setting up the show for all of us at the MAnggha Center in Krakow when it became possible. The material sent to Roger is a document of such a meeting and a show which for some of us had been also a mourning ceremony of sorts (a memeber of our family had passed away 3 days before the event but cancelling it at this point was just impossible).Today I’ve noticed a very positive review at Foxy Digitalis so we’re celebrating again. A new material is already under way.

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