World Flag Records

wf-crew-2-kopiaThe CD-R label launched in 20o7 consists at the moment of 3 series: Other Stage (Magic Carpathians Project-related albums: reissues, jam sessions, live recordings), Magic Carpathians Psychogeography (field recordings made during our travels across remote places in Europe and Asia) and Other Other Stage (rare releases by friends and contributors).

We sell the albums during the concerts and through the mailorder (PayPal accepted, our account is nytuan (at)

Prices: up to 3 CD-Rs – 7 EUR a piece, more than 3 CD-Rs ordered – 5 EUR a piece, DVD – 10 EUR + postal costs.

Orders in English or French: nytuan (at) (we accept PayPal)

Zamówienia po polsku: bogdankiwak(at)


Magic Carpathians Project’s Other Stage series:   wf-logo-kopia

WFE 002 “Austin Jam” (more in Polish)

WFE 003 “San Francisco” (more in Polish)

WFE 004 “Euscorpius Carpathicus Concert” (more in Polish)

WFE 005 “Vlastislav Matosuek & Projekt Karpaty Magiczne” (more in Polish)

WFE 011 “Mt. Shasta Tour – USA 2006″ (more in Polish)

WFE 012 “Anna Nacher: Workshops vol. 1″ (more in Polish)

WFE 013 “Marek Styczyński: Slovakian Fujara” (more in Polish)

WFE 014 “Marek Styczyński: Didjeridu nietradycyjnie” (more in Polish)

WFE 015 “Stockholm Concert”

WFE 016 “Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński Queen of Snow”

WFE 018 “Warszawa Concert”

WFE 019 “Magic Carpathians Other Things”

WFE 021 DVD “Sopatowiec Session”

WFR 023 “Sjöström/Seidel/Nacher/Styczyński” – fully improvised live session from Berlin

WFR 024 “Wabi:Sabi:Shibumi” – concert recorded at Manggha Center in Kraków (Magic Carpathians with guest appearance of shakuhachi player from Prague, Vlastislav Matoušek), part of this session has appeared as “Sambucus & Gingko” on Reverb Worship.

WFR 025 “Magic Carpathians & Pink Barret” – live session recorded at Stanica in Zilina, Slovakia.

Magic Carpathians Psychogeography series:

WFE 001 “Slovakia Soundscapes” (more in Polish)

WFE 006 “Rila Monastery, Bulgaria” (more in Polish)

WFE 007 “Corsica” (more in Polish)

WFE 008 “Sounds from below the Earth surface” (more in Polish)

WFE 009 Marek Tomalik “Sound notes from Australian journey” (more in Polish)

WFE 010 “Chants of Buryat Shamans” (more in Polish)

WFE 017 “Nepal & India”

Magic Carpathians Other Other Stage series:

WFR 026 “The Curators” The Curators – great stuff from Berlin

WFR 029 “Cybertotem Remix Project” Marek Styczyński – a collaborative project from the whole collective of contributors coming from different fields and aesthetics, more at

4 thoughts on “World Flag Records

  1. Witam nazywam sie Magda i bardzo pilnie potrzebuje kontakt do Pana Marka Styczynskiego. Zamienilam z Panem pare slow we Wroclawiu na panskich wykladach. Rozmawialismy wtedy rowniez o muzyce do filmu(dokument o Tsataanach) i wlasnie w tej sprawie chcialabym porozmawiac.
    Oto moje maile:,
    Dziekuje , czekam na wiesci

  2. Order it at nytuan (at) (I’ve just realized there’s no contact information on the web site :-)

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